All I Want for Christmas

It's that time of year again! Snow is falling, temperatures are dropping (in some places), you’re mentally preparing yourself for way too much quality family time, and retail stores are gearing up for their busiest season. It’s Christmas time (and also Hanukkah and Kwanza and any other religious holiday that falls within these few months. I don’t want to offend anyone)!

With Christmas comes the often daunting task of finding the perfect gift for the loved ones on your list. Unfortunately for me, when I trudge out to the mall/3rd Street Promenade/Target or peruse online stores, I find precious few things for the people on my list, but literally hundreds of items that I would love to possess. Of course I don’t buy them, not because it’s Christmas and the spirit of the season is giving. It’s because I lack the funds and also I understand the spirit of the season is giving, so some of my money is forced to go to presents for others.

So in the spirit of Oprah’s Favorite Things, and Goop’s Gift guide, I have compiled a list of items that I would like to find under my Christmas tree. (Don’t worry, there’s nothing crazy here like a $5,000 gold juicer. Really, Gwyneth?!) Friends, family; please feel free to use the below list when thinking of items to purchase for me (you’re welcome). If anyone else other than my family and friends are reading this blog, feel free to also buy anything below for me…or I guess you can use it to get gift ideas for your loved ones too!

Daniela’s I’ll tell you what I want, what a really, really want for Christmas list.

“Where’s Karl”: A “Where’s Waldo” for the fashion set. Try to find Karl Lagerfeld as he makes his way through fashion shows and glamorous parties. And look out for his sophisticated and pampered cat Choupette, who may also be mingling with the fashion elite. This is an adorable coffee table book that will also keep your guests entertained. Note: Just received this as a birthday present! Yay!


Cindy Crawford Sweatshirt: If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Cindy Crawford. What better way to show my love than this cozy sweatshirt emblazoned with her name? The perfect weekend staple! alt

Belkin USB Cable Keychain: How cute and convenient is this? You’ll never have to fear that your phone will unexpectedly die on you if you have this tassel USB keychain clipped to your purse. Fashionable and functional. One caveat: This is only compatible with the iPhone. Get it together Belkin, Android users need some love too!


Patricia Chang Pig Wristlet: I love pigs. Always have, and probably always will. My apartment is full of pig tchokies, but it’s hard to find clothing and accessories with pigs on them (so weird)! Patricia Chang has come to our pig-loving rescue with this adorable wristlet. It’s a fun addition to any outfit, and definitely a conversation starter! alt

Kate Spade Pom Pom Keychain: It seems the pom pom craze is in full effect and I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I believe Fendi started this last year with their furry pom pom bag accessories and it has now reached a fever pitch. Since I don’t think it’s necessary to kill an animal for a keychain, this Kate Spade one is faux, but just as adorable. Love the little owl face. If $80 seems a little steep for a keychain, I completely agree with you, but don’t fear, H&M has you covered with their $5 alternative.


“Transit Maps of the World”: In addition to my pig obsession, I also love maps. This may be because I wanted to make sure I had the correct answers when my father would quiz me at dinner with various geographical questions (What’s the capital of Honduras? Answer: Tegucigalpa). As a frequent traveler I also like to learn about my destinations prior to arriving and studying a map is a great way to get your footing. This book, which has been recently updated, takes us through the fascinating world of international public transit. Cool, and also useful. alt

Ferragamo Purse: Leave it to the Italians to come up with this genius design for a wallet. But wait, it’s not just a wallet; it’s a purse, and a clutch! What?! I know. It’s amazing. Though $700 may seem like a lot, you’re actually getting three items in one. Use it as a wallet and throw it in your purse, take it out and use it as a clutch, or take the delicate chain strap out and wear it as a cross body. It’s sleek, classic and Italian. It also comes in red. alt

Henri Bendel Monogrammed Passport Holder: Another of my travel picks. If you travel a lot, or even moderately, you know your passport can take a beating. I recently read an article that stated that your passport may not be accepted if it has visible damage. Protect your passport and look sophisticated while traveling through the airport with this Henri Bendel passport holder. It comes in an array of fun colors. Safe travels! alt

Jem & the Holograms S’well Bottle: So the movie tanked, but Jem is still one of my favorite cartoons from my childhood. She had wicked style, killer pipes, and a hot boyfriend with purple hair. She’s my idol, and what better way to show my adoration than to carry around these “truly outrageous” (see I what I did there?) S’well water bottles. They’re retro, sleek and sophisticated. It’s like an adult thermos! Stay hydrated kids.

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My list could go on endlessly like one of those ridiculous CVS receipts, but I think you have a few ideas. Happy shopping, gifting, and holidays!