January 5, 2016. 2016...I'm not sure I can get used to writing that. If it's 2016 that I means I graduated from high school...a long time ago. It amazes me how quickly time passes, a year gone in the blink of an eye.

Now, the Christmas presents have been unwrapped, the tree has been taken down, and life goes back to "normal", whatever "normal" is for you. I'm not exactly sure what it means for me, but I'm hoping it will be a year of positive changes.

Last year, my biggest accomplishment was graduating with an MFA in Creative Writing, and this year I want to build on the knowledge I gained there and take steps to begin my career as a writer.

This year will not be about resolutions, it will be about evolution. I know, super cheesy, but resolutions are so easy to break. I simply want to encourage myself to evolve into the person I want to be, to accomplish the things I've so long wanted to accomplish. Maybe, if I put these things out in the world, here on my blog, it will encourage me to work hard and make my evolution happen.

I hope this evolution will include getting published, finding work as a writer, and of course, traveling and exploring new places.

Happy 2016 everyone, and good luck on your own evolution!