One Year Older

I remember sitting down at my computer a year ago, and staring at a blank page. I was about to write my first blog post. As I started to type I thought about the reasons why I was doing it. Of course I had the fear that no one would read it, no one would care. Who cares what I have to say? But, all of that didn't really matter. I cared, and I had something to say, and that was enough. Enough to get myself writing, to keep myself writing, and to share my life and my journey even if no one was reading.

Now, one year later, I'm proud to say that my little blog is one! Happy Birthday Il Viaggio Blog! My how you've grown! From a blank page to 11 posts! And as you hit the one year mark, 12 posts! I'm a proud Mama. I can't wait to see how you continue to grow. Your potential is endless, and I'm excited to grow with you.


Thanks to everyone who has joined me on the journeys I have shared thus far, and thank you for supporting Il Viaggio Blog.

Don't go anywhere readers! You never know where we're going to go next...

Buon Viaggio!