Adventures in Dogsitting

No, this isn't a pitch for a sequel to Adventures in Babysitting where Elisabeth Shue gets tired of taking care of those spoiled suburban kids and decides to sit furbabies instead of human babies. This my friends, is the part of my blog where I get a little personal, and update you on my fascinating (not really) life journey.

alt If this sequel ever happens, I'm going to have to insist that Vincent D'Onofrio reprise his role as Dawson, aka Thor.

Remember how I wanted to be a a writer? Well I still do/am; I didn't go back to school for nothing! But, boy is it hard. Listen, a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is not a degree with an easy career path. You really have to hustle and pave your own way. There's not one path to success as a writer.

After perfecting my resume and spending several months scouring postings for jobs that wouldn't make me cry in a bathroom stall every day (true story), I have yet to secure that elusive creative job I've been hoping for.

So I got creative on my own. My bills still needed to be paid and I had no income. Long story short, I stumbled upon a website for dog sitters/walkers. I signed up and waited...and waited. Even getting a dog sitting job is hard! Finally I got my first dog walking job. I made $12! It's not exactly the road to becoming a millionaire, but I'm hoping it can sustain me until I find a job I feel passionate about...or at least one that I won't hate going to everyday (i.e. no crying in a bathroom stall).

It's been a pretty positive and fun experience thus far. After my first dog walking booking I quickly booked a two week pet sitting gig, and from there the bookings kept coming. I've taken care of a Chihuahua terrified of motorcycles, an adorable Boston terrier with a lazy eye, and a sweet elderly and blind affenpinscher who sported a red bow in her hair.

alt My favorite pups! My nieces Lola, Sugar (top), and Daisy

It's certainly not a glamorous job, and not at all what I thought I would be doing to make money at this point in my life, but it works for me...temporarily. With every soaked pee pad I clean up, every poop bag I fill, every treat I hand over to a slobbering mouth, I think of why I am doing this. I picture that great job, the many (hopefully!) published stories and essays, and of course, my picture on the book jacket of my first novel.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch Adventure in Babysitting for the hundredth time.


P.S. Thanks for not making fun of my lame attempt to recreate the Adventures in Babysitting logo.